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As previously mentioned, new players will be assigned a skill level of “3” for women, “4” for men unless there is strong evidence to the contrary. “Strong evidence to the contrary” can be any of the following:

1. I know the person and am very familiar with their recent shooting ability.
2. Their most recent rank in a handicapped pool league indicates otherwise (and has played in a handicapped league within the last 6 months).
(Players coming in from another league may still come in at a different skill level than their “former” handicapped pool league at my discretion. Proof of recent skill level may be required). The team captain, or member(s) of the new team tell me the person should come in HIGHER (not lower) than a “4” for men or “3” for women. Captains are obligated to screen new players and check if they have recent league experience and if so, what skill level they played at. If a captain doesn’t do this, they shouldn’t be a captain. Captains are also expected to inform me if a player shoots at a higher skill level than the normal assigned skill level for new players.

Between all of the divisions, I am guessing that we have at least 20 new shooters coming into the league in the last several weeks. It is only fair for the league as a whole to err on the side of caution. I’d rather run the risk of a new player being “over handicapped” than “under handicapped”. If it wasn’t meant to be and the new player shoots worse than the level that they come in at, they will eventually move down in skill level. If a new player is too fragile to handle some losing at the onset, they probably aren’t cutout for league play. If I bring a new male player in as a “3” and the best answer I can give as to why is “Ummmm, I’m not really sure. The captain said to.”, that’s not going to be good for anybody. Thanks for your understanding.

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