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The issue of sideline coaching as it pertains to PACS came up yesterday and some players or teams may not fully understand the rule. In PACS, players ARE allowed to discuss strategy of the game at hand with player(s) on their team when it is not their turn to shoot at the table. However once a player shoots and it is apparent that they will not be taking the next shot (either because of a called safety, foul, or missed shot), the sideline coaching/discussion is supposed to be stopped once all of the balls on the table have stopped moving. I understand that other league(s) rules may differ in how they approach sideline coaching. There are pros and cons for both arguments. The problem with allowing no sideline coaching in league is that unless you are also not allowing any discussions about anything (the football game last night, Morgan’s upcoming wedding, etc.), it becomes too difficult to monitor what is being discussed. Is strategy being discussed or something else? I don’t want to tell players that they are not allowed to discuss anything while shooting their match as I believe it takes away from the spirit of what pool league is about….. Shooting pool, and having some good conversation and laughs with teammates who you might only see once per week.

For teams/players who ARE taking advantage of sideline coaching when it is not their turn to shoot at the table, please be courteous to the person who is shooting at the table by discussing quietly so the opposing player can fully concentrate at the task at hand (trying to remain focused to winning the game). Thanks for your cooperation. Hit ’em straight.

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