Central PA’s Pool Leagues

Final Bracket

Final Match
Chicks #3 def. Thundering Ales, 3-2

Semifinal Results
Chicks #3 def. Mulligans Reapers, 3-0
Thundering Ales def. Secret English, 3-1

Quarterfinal Results
Chicks #3(9) def. Silent Assassins(9), 3-0
Mulligans Reapers(8) def. Gilligans Castaways(9), 3-1
Secret English(8) def. Dead Strokes(7), 3-0
Thundering Ales(8) def. Secret English(7), 3-1

Saturday – 2nd Round Results
Thundering Ales(8) def. Rack Em Up(7), 3-2
Chicks #3(9) def. Happy Endings(7), 3-2
Gilligans Castaways(9) def. Mulligans Reapers(9), 3-0
Mulligans Reapers(8) def. The Firm(9), 3-2
Dead Strokes(7) def. Dead Strokes(8), 1-0
Silent Assassins(9) def. Quigleys Tight Pockets(6), 3-1
Secret English(7) def. Dead Strokes(9), 3-1
Secret English(8) def. Honey Badgers(8), 2-0

Saturday – 1st Round Results
Chicks #3(9) def. The Nerve Rackers(9), 3-1
Dead Strokes(7) def. Rack Em Up(8), 3-1

Friday – 1st Round Results
Rack Em Up(7) def. Chicks(7), 3-1
The Firm(9) def. Chicks(9), 3-2
Silent Assassins(9) def. Thundering Ales(7), 3-2

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