Central PA’s Pool Leagues

Some teams have been a little lax in getting the scoresheets to me in a timely manner. Going forward, if I don’t receive at least one scoresheet from each match within 48 hours, I will STRONGLY CONSIDER SOME FORM OF PENALTY. Receiving scoresheets 1,2, or 3 weeks after the match is not acceptable. Nobody should depend on the opposing team to submit their scoresheet in your’s absence. Possible penalties include raising everyone’s skill level on the team by 1 for the next week’s match, or giving the team an additional loss (and subtracting a win). You may think this is too harsh of a penalty to which I would say…get the scoresheets to me in time and you won’t get penalized. Most of you probably have a smart phone that can take a photo and you can text or email it to me. Thanks for your understanding.

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