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Some of the teams are still doing a terrible job with score keeping. Entire matches with the only information being the person who won ( yes, I’m not kidding) is absolutely not acceptable. A properly completed scoresheet should have all of the boxes accurately completed. That includes totals ( turns, fouls, balls LOT, balls MOB, proper win codes, etc). Going forward, if I get scoresheets that look like something I’d see on Comedy Central, I’ll assume that the team does not want to follow the rules and has no desire to play in postseason. Those teams that fail to have anything close to a properly completed scoresheet will probably not be happy with the skill levels of their players that are listed on their roster sheets. The lesson here is that if you will give me the information that is required for me to run a ” handicapped” pool league, I will do my best to make sure that your team is properly handicapped. Thanks for your cooperation.

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