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Due to feedback from the League captains, there will be a few minor rule changes to all 8 Ball matches starting NEXT WEEK ( April 7).

1. Players who are ranked as a “2” or “3” will receive an unlimited number of timeouts per game. The only stipulation is that two timeouts can’t be used consecutively (meaning that the player must shoot before using another timeout).

2. An “8 on Break” will still result in a win unless the win would result in the conclusion of the match. In this case, the balls will be re-racked and the opposing player ( who did not hit the 8 on Break) will break.

3. A player can use (1) 3 minute extension per match to take care of personal things ( phone call, restroom break, etc.) This will be strictly enforced as to keep the nights moving along so that the matches end at an acceptable time of night.

I realize that some players may not like these changes, but it was voted on by the captains and I want to do what’s in the best wishes from the players and captains. Remember…PACS is a league that cares!!!

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