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Until further notice, SOME (Not all) “2”s will be permitted to get sideline advice from their coach without being charged a timeout. In these instances, the coach can give the player advice, but the player is not allowed to communicate back with the coach / team. These “2”s will be denoted with an asterisk (2*). PACS is not the first league to enact this rule. I have played in a league with this rule and the pros outweighed the cons. Enacting this rule should speed up some matches which is important. It is also important that “green” players continue to show interest in shooting. Everyone has to start somewhere. Even Shane Van Boening was a ” 2* ” at one time (although probably only a minute). If the ” 2* ” wants to converse with their coach while it is their turn at the table, they must use a timeout. They will still be allotted 2 timeouts per game. Before anyone gets excited thinking that these players are now going to be getting a huge advantage and winning a lot of their matches….they won’t. If they do start winning a lot of their matches, they will not be ” 2* “s for long.

An example of sideline coaching would be ” shoot the 6 ball in the corner softly, then take the 3 ball”. At which point, the ” 2* ” would do as instructed.

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