Roster Additions

All roster additions must be approved by the league office. As a rule, “unknown” players with no league experience will enter the league NO LOWER than a “3” (for females) or a “4” (for males). However, CAPTAINS ARE EXPECTED TO GIVE THEIR HONEST ASSESSMENT OF A PLAYER’S SKILL LEVEL TO THE LEAGUE OFFICE WHEN ADDING A PLAYER. The league office has the right to deny new players being added at any time and for any reason. Furthermore, the league office can assign any skill level to any player ( whether they have league experience or not) that it deems necessary to keep with maintaining integrity of the league as a whole. In the event that a team has no possible combination of rostered players (whether present or not) that will satisfy the “26.0” rule, they may forfeit one match as long as the other 4 players shooting don’t total more than “23.0”. Thank you for your cooperation.

PACS Weekly Dues

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