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I wanted to take a moment to explain my rationale for the reason that I’m not NECESSARILY taking the same amount of teams from the Stripes and Solids division (Mondays) to the postseason. First, let me say that I’ve given up on trying to make everyone happy 100% of the time….it’s an impossibility. Therefore, I try to make decisions based on the overall good of the league. There are many considerations that I think of every session when determining how many weeks long the session should be, how many teams to place in each division, etc. So with that, here was my rationale for this session….

I knew that I wanted to have two Monday divisions. Having (1) 18 team division is not a feasible option as it is extremely difficult to build a schedule for a division that large…..especially given that many of the locations that we play also have teams from TAP and APA that play in those same locations. There are other problems with having a division that large that I won’t get into here.

So knowing that I wanted to have 2 divisions, the reason that I wanted to have 2 divisions with an even number amount of teams in each is this. There are more matches played since there are no byes. More matches played means more revenue. More revenue coming in means more money can be paid out. I’ve been promoting the large payouts to attract new teams to the league and it seems to be working. Another consideration was that if I had (2) divisions with 9 teams each, we would have had to play an 18 week schedule in order to have every team have the same amount of byes. I didn’t want to have an 18 week schedule because I wanted the schedule to end earlier for growth opportunities that I won’t get into here. If I would have done a 16 week schedule with (2) 9 team divisions, some teams would not have the same amount of byes and only played certain teams one time (instead of 2). This would have made some teams upset (see above about pleasing everybody 100% of the time).

Knowing that I wanted to have (2) divisions with an even number of teams in each division, I knew that one division would have to be larger than the other. But I also didn’t want any team to be able to say “if you are taking 5 teams from each division to the postseason, why should I get penalized for being in the 10 team division instead of the 8 team division?”. Hence the reason that I decided to simply take the top 10 teams, regardless of which Monday division they play. The Tuesday division is its own entity because the “play-in matches” for Monday teams are played on Monday, the Tuesday play-in match is played on a Tuesday. The reason that this was not announced at the Captain’s meeting is because I did not know that I was going to do it this way at that time. This postseason qualification format has been clearly printed (emblazened in bold green) on all of the standings/stat sheets since early in the session.

As it stands now, it appears that a significantly higher percentage of teams will advance from the Stripes division than from the Solids division. There is no way that this could have been predicted at the start of the session. Next session….maybe it will be the Solids division that sends more teams to the postseason. Yesterday was the first time that anyone (And yes, it was one person so please don’t start rumors that everyone is mad at PACS) has voiced their displeasure about it. To anyone who feels that they have been slighted, I am sorry. I will continue to make decisions that I feel are in the best interests of the league. And I will continue to communicate them. Thanks for your understanding.

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