Central PA’s Pool Leagues

The “Play-in” matches are set for next week. They are..

Monday, June 23
Perquam Molestiae @ Bank it Or Spank It! At Stoney Creek Inn
Gilligans Misfits @ Dead Strokes At Chicks Tavern

Tuesday, June 24
The Pour House @ Scared Hitless At Gilligans Eisenhower

Matches start at 7:00 with normal practice time beginning at 6:00. Scorekeeping is required as postseason matches carry more weight in determination of skill levels. First team to win 3 matches wins the team match and gets to play in the Invitational the weekend of July 19. The home team wins the coin toss. Obviously, there is no recycling in the play-in matches. Players are reminded to ABIDE BY THE RULES and show proper sportsmanship. Remember that when money is introduced into the equation, teams will probably ratchet down their level of tolerance for rules being broken. When there is ANY DOUBT as to a rule, it is best to get clarification before acting careless and regretting it after the fact. Good luck to everyone!

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