Central PA’s Pool Leagues

Just a reminder that we will have the (2) random drawings for $300 each tomorrow at the captains meeting (at Angies at 7:00). Teams that did not make the postseason and did not forfeit any matches during the session are eligible as long as they have all of their dues paid for the session. There will be multiple witnesses to make sure that everything is on the “up and up”. Currently, there are only 11 teams that are eligible based on the above.

For teams that qualified for the Invitational, tomorrow is the deadline to have the $160 entry fee (deposit) paid. I must have the entry fee in hand (not “in the mail”). Remember, the entry fee will be returned to teams that do not forfeit more than one match in each of the (3) round robin matches of the Invitational. Teams that qualified for the Invitational must also have all dues for the session paid by Monday March 6 to secure their spot for the Invitational. There are a lot of teams that would love to play in the Invitational that did not qualify. I will begin asking those teams on Tuesday (March 7) to take the spot of any teams that do not have their entry fee and session dues paid.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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