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Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in this weekend’s Invitational. There was lots of great action and moments. After all of the Round Robin matches were played, it was Mulligans on Derry (11-4) and The Nerve Rackers (8-7) from the Stripes Board advancing. Representing the Solids Board in the semifinals was Chicks (11-4) and Perquam Molestiae (9-6). After falling behind 0-2, Perquam Molestiae finished strong and won the final 3 matches to edge out Mulligans On Derry 3-2 to earn a berth in the finals. Chicks fell behind 0-1, but rallied to win 3 of the next 4 matches and win their semifinal match 3-2 against The Nerve Rackers. Chicks and Perquam Molestiae agreed to split the winnings for 1st and 2nd place and to let the fate of a quarter flip determine the owner of the PACS XI Invitational Championship plaque. In a very dramatic flip, the quarter was tossed in the air. It rotated and rotated and rotated. Seemingly suspended in the air for several minutes, it worked its way back down towards the table. Ed Kelly called “heads” which would prove to be a fatal mistake and costing Chicks the title. Perquam Molestiae wins to take home the hardware and title of “PACS XI Invitational Champions”!!!

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