Central PA’s Pool Leagues

There were many hardfought battles this weekend as all of the teams vied to sit atop the mountain. After all of the round robin matches were played, the teams to advance to the semifinals were Chicks #3 and The Firm from the “Bank” Board. From the “Kick” Board, Chicks and Rack Em Up earned the right to play in the semis. Chicks and Chicks #3 were scheduled to play each other in one of the semifinal matches. Since they have several common players on both teams, the two teams decided not to play it out and agreed that both teams would simply share all of the winnings from their semifinal and final match. Therefore, there was only one semifinal match played from the “Kick” Board featuring Rack Em Up vs. The Firm. Rack Em Up won in convincing fashion with a 3-0 victory and agreed on a split of the first place prize money with the Chick’s teams. After all the dust settled, the Chick’s teams earned a combined $1950 and Rack Em Up took home $1550 in prize money! Rounding out the final 5 prize payouts were:

4. The Firm $350
5. The Wow Effect $150
6. Dead Strokes $75
7. Gilligans on 22 $75
8. Perquam Molestiae $50

$4200 was paid out for this one and looking to pay out MUCH MORE for the next session beginning in early February! Congrats to all of the teams for some great shooting competition!

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