PACS Update

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I’d like to give an update as to where we stand on the reopening of league.

There are a couple factors that will determine the date as to when we will resume matches. One factor is that the majority of locations that host our matches must be open to the resumption of league. If there are a few locations unwilling but the majority are willing, we may be able to find alternate locations to play those matches.

The majority of our players must be willing to resume. I understand that everyone feels differently about the seriousness of the virus and it has become highly politicized. I also understand that most people have “ COVID exhaustion” and are anxious to get back to “the way things were”. I am also anxious but the virus is still very prevalent and a serious risk to many people.

There are very positive developments regarding the vaccine and I do believe that in a relatively short time, most people at high risk will have the opportunity to be vaccinated. My feeling is that there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel but we must remain vigilant and protect those at higher risk. Death is a serious thing and is bigger than pool. I don’t want to have anyone die (even if they aren’t a PACS pool player 😀) because someone at a PACS match passed it on to someone who then passed away. I could tell everyone that I’m hoping to be playing league again in a few weeks but I’d rather be honest instead of telling people what I think they want to hear. At this point, I think an optimistic but somewhat realistic view of a resumption date would probably be in March. If I feel that we can safely resume (based on the things I mentioned) before that, we will certainly do so. And obviously if I don’t feel we are ready in March, we will wait until I feel it is appropriate.

Thank you for your understanding and I hope to get “back at it” soon.

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