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For accounting / tax purposes, all payouts from the PACS 21 Invitational will be paid by check or paypal transfer (not cash). Also for accounting purposes, I will not be issuing checks minus any dues that are owed. (For example, assume that a team is owed their $160 entry fee plus $60 in bonus round money for a total of $220. Also assume that the team owes me $35 for one week worth of dues. In this case, they WOULD NOT RECEIVE THE CHECK FOR THE $220 until they pay me the $35.) They also will not receive a check from me for (220-35) $185. They will receive the check (or paypal transfer) for $220 from me ONLY WHEN THEY HAVE PAID ALL OF THEIR DUES FOR MATCHES PLAYED. For teams that do not advance to the semifinals that do receive a check or paypal transfer, the amount will be paid to the captain who will then see that his/her players are paid their fair share. Thanks for your cooperation.

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