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A great time was had by all who participated in the PACS 15th Invitational over the weekend and there were some great matches. After all the dust settled, Last Call and Chicks #3 were the last teams standing and Last Call took the championship by a flip of the coin that I was told was very exciting and dramatic. Ed Kelly of Chicks #3 picked either heads or tails (I’m not sure which one), but once again chose wrong to cost his team the title again. Chicks #3 edged out The Nerve Rackers 3-2 in the one semi-final match and Last Call squeaked by Silent Assassins 3-2 in the other semi-final match. Below is a listing of the payouts (including $60 refund for each team not forfeiting any matches and bonus monies earned).

Last Call $ 2400
Chicks #3 $ 2310
Silent Assassins $ 870
The Nerve Rackers $ 840
Gilligans Misfits $ 270
High Top Left $ 210
The Wow Effect $ 210
Pool Cue-Ts $ 210
Chicks $ 180
Scratch This $ 180
Scared Hitless $ 180
Pool My Finger $ 150

Pool Cue-Ts Also won the random (tournament) drawing for $300. The Division winners for the 15th Session were Pool My Finger ($500), The Nerve Rackers ($400), and High Top Left ($400). Cues and Racks won the random drawing ($400) for the session. $10,010 in team payouts for the session!! Congrats to all the teams who participated and thank you for making it exciting!

CLICK HERE to see the results of the round robin matches.

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