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OK everyone, mark your calendar…I have confirmed with the Marysville Moose that the PACS 15 Invitational will be played the weekend of June 26,27, and POSSIBLY 28. In the event that something happens that is out of my control, the contingency plan will be that it is resumed on the first available weekend at the Marysville Moose after that weekend. Please plan accordingly. It would be wise to carry enough players on your roster so that if 2 or 3 players from your team are unavailable, you won’t have to forfeit any matches. There will also be a small portion ..($3-400) of cash set aside ( in addition to the “bonus” rounds that we have been doing) that will be given away to one random team that

A. Plays in the Invitational
B. Does not forfeit any matches
C. Does not advance beyond the Round Robin Matches

The entry fee for the tournament will be $100 instead of $40, but the team will be refunded the $60 difference as long as they do not forfeit any matches in the Round Robin. For a team of 8 players, that means that the cost per player goes from $5 to $12.50, but each player will receive the $7.50 difference back as long as the team did not forfeit throughout the Round Robin Matches. As you know, forfeits are a peeve of mine as they drastically improve the beneficiary team’s chances of advancing to the detriment of those teams that did not receive any forfeit wins. With these added incentives, it further reduces the chances that any team will forfeit any matches….which will keep a more level playing field for any teams playing in the Invitational. And remember that in addition to PACS paying out MUCH MORE per player than the other popular leagues in the area, we also don’t charge an annual membership fee. Thanks, and hit em straight!

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