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Please be considerate of your opponent and everyone else that is being “held captive” when you are playing your match. Captains are expected to be policing their own players and making sure they aren’t taking too long to play their match. The shot clock is 45 seconds but a much more important thing to consider is the pace of play. 45 seconds is a loooong time. A player that is averaging 35-40 seconds per shot is playing too slow and needs to speed up. Some players in the league have a reputation (and for good reason) of playing slow. Captains need to tell these players that this is not a life or death situation. Pool league is a recreational activity. Many of the people who play have to get up early the next morning. There will be situations where a game or a match takes a long time and that’s understandable. If two high skilled players have a long match and play 9 games with a lot of safeties, it could be a long match. However, high skilled players should not be averaging 4 games per hour over their entire career in pool league. I’m calling on captains to help me with this so that everyone involved in league can have an enjoyable evening while still getting home at a reasonable time. If this doesn’t work, I will consider other options such as limiting habitually slow players to 6 matches per session or possibly even banishment from the league. I really don’t want to have to do this but we simply can’t have certain players playing so slow that it is sapping all of the fun out of the evening for everyone else. Thanks for your cooperation.

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