Central PA’s Pool Leagues

The new session start dates will be:

Perry County (Monday) 9/21/15
Mosconi Division (Tuesday) 9/22/15
Solids Division (Monday) 9/28/15
Stripes Division (Monday) 9/28/15
Upper Dauphin (Tuesday) 9/29/15

I plan on having a captains meeting on Monday 9/21/15 at the site of one of the “play-in” matches (yet to be determined). I don’t have a large agenda of things to discuss and attendance is optional. I will post the highlights of the meeting on the website. The main purpose of the meeting will be to discuss any new business/ suggestions that captains want to table, or to hit me like I’m a piñata. The bars denied my request for a dunk tank. Since the Perry County and Upper Dauphin teams are a little further away, we can just have “mini-meetings” for those divisions at their play-in matches.

Also, keep in mind that I will need all teams that qualify for the upcoming Invitational at the Carlisle Hotel to have their entry fees ( $160 / team) paid to me by Monday, October 5. If any teams entry fees aren’t received by this date, their spot will be filled with the highest seeded team(s) that lost their play-in match(s). The $160 will be returned to any teams that participate in the Invitational and do not forfeit any of their round robin matches.

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