Central PA’s Pool Leagues

I made a mistake in my earlier post regarding the matchups for the play-in matches. My earlier post assumed Pool My Finger LOST their match 2-3 which would have made them the #6 seed. In fact, they WON 3-2 thus becoming the #5 seed. I apologize for the confusion and will try to do better going forward.

Next Weeks Play-In matches will be:

(6) Dead Strokes @ (1) Balls Deep (at Stoney Creek Inn)
(5) Pool My Finger @ (2) Chicks (at Chicks Tavern)
(4) Rack Em Up @ (3) Last Call (at the Hose)

Players who have not played at least 6 matches during the regular session are ineligible to shoot in the play-in matches (postseason).



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