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Just some miscellaneous things in no particular order that I’d like to mention about 8 ball for next session..

Next session, the division winners will be taking home considerably more green.

Sessions will be 18 weeks.

As mentioned at the bottom of the weekly standings, Play-in matches are postseason matches. Players must have played at least 6 matches during the regular session to qualify for any postseason matches.

The race for the “M7” has changed ever slightly. The new score sheet on the website reflects the new race. There are currently no “M7″s in PACS.

Criticizing someone’s playing ability is A. A form of sharking and B. Extremely rude. Just because someone’s ability might not be up to your standards does not give you the right to be a jerk to them. Some people are diehard about pool and play 10 or more hours per week. Other people might play 1-2 games per week on average. Pool comes more naturally to some people than others. Don’t be a jerk.

All teams that are playing next session must be paid in full for the session ended. Teams playing in Play-In Matches must be paid in full to avoid forfeiting the play-in match.

The random drawings (2 @ $300 each) will be held after all divisions have concluded their Spring ’16 session….on May 30. To be eligible, teams must have all of their team dues paid for the session ended.

Captains…..2 things I need from you. Completed scoresheets (which included totaling things…Balls LOT, Scratches, etc) and timely payments. I should not have to continually ask certain captains for payment. Stay on my good side, it will serve you well.

Skill levels. Established players have “floor” skill levels. Some of you who might be trying to move down are already at your “floor” level. Its time to start winning.

Hit ’em straight.

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