Central PA’s Pool Leagues

As mentioned previously, the expected payout for the current session (XII) is $8500. That number is based on current team count and assuming all teams fulfill all of their commitments by the end of the session. This session, a portion of that $8500 will be paid out to the top teams based on their performance throughout the regular session. The division winner on Monday will receive a projected $800. The division winner on Tuesday will receive a projected $400. And of course, the remainder of the total payout will be paid at the Invitational! As it stands now, the top 3 teams from the Monday division and the top 2 teams from the Tuesday division will all receive first round byes. The teams that finish 3 and 4 in the Tuesday division will play each other on a Tuesday night to see who gets to advance to the round robin matches at the Marysville Moose. The remaining “play-in” matches will be held on a Monday night after the session ends and will pit the #4 vs. #7 and #5 vs. #6 Monday teams. The winners of those matches will also earn berths to play in round robin play at the Marysville Moose. In other words….there is a decided benefit (cash and a first round bye) to winning your division. If you don’t win your division, it is still advantageous to to try to get one of those top 5 seeds so you can get that all important first round bye. More so than ever, it pays to win in PACS!!!

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