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4:45 pm – Chris wins 5-1 and Pocket Rockets is the VIII Invitational Champion. Congratulations and thanks to all for another great tournament.

4:30 pm – Chris leads 4-1 in the 5-3 race.

3:45 pm – Ron wins and the sudden match is set! Each team picked a player blind and now Chris Pupo and Jeremy Clugston will play a 5-3 race for the title!

3:30 pm – Ron Straw is on the hill, 4-0.

3:15 pm – Jimmy Morrissey made a tough 8-ball to win his hill-hill battle with Jeremy Clugston. Pocket Rockets now lead 2-0. Ron Straw is currently ahead 1-0 in a 5-4 race with John Hedgepath.

3:00 pm – Jimmy and Jeremy are hill-hill in match 2.

2:45 pm – Rack Em Up puts Mike Woodell up 1st and Pocket Rockets matchup with Jesse Carst. Jesse pulls out a hill-hill win to put Pocket Rockets up 1-0. Jim Morrissey is currently ahead 1-0 against Jeremy Clugston.

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