Central PA’s Pool Leagues

For teams that qualify for the upcoming Invitational (March 17-19), the $160.00 entry fee will be due no later than Monday, March 6. That means that I must have it in my possession (not “in the mail”) by that date. This $160 entry fee will be returned after the Invitational provided that the team did not forfeit more than (1) match in each of the (3) round robin matches. This entry fee (deposit) is charged simply to prevent a team from forfeiting many matches which creates unfairness to other teams participating in the tournament. If any team(s) do not have their entry fee paid by that date, their spot will be offered to the next highest seeded team in their division.

AMENDMENT TO ORIGINAL POST. Any monies that are owed for finishing in 1st or 2nd place in the division, or for “new team” incentives will be deducted from the tournament entry fee. Thank you.

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