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In many cases, having your own suited balls next to pockets can be your best friend. It is often best to keep those balls on the table and try to make your other ones first. Those balls that are next to the pocket can usually be made from just about anywhere else on the table. Those are your “insurance” balls. Try to get position on your most difficult shots. If you don’t get position, you have an “insurance” ball next to the pocket that allows you to try to get position on that more difficult shot again. Pool is all about probabilities. Many times, it is not the better shot maker who will win the game, but is the person who plays the smartest. The good pool player always is asking himself “Where do I want the cue ball to be after I make this shot?” and “What will I be leaving my opponent with if I miss this shot?” There is an element of luck involved in pool. Sometimes, the layout of the table is such that the “better” player is at an extreme disadvantage just by the layout of the table. When the layout of the table puts you at an extreme advantage, it is sometimes better to not take a risk and make a huge mistake (such as scratching). Let the table come to you, no need to “attack” in these situations. Similar to the football team that is up by 14 points with 2 minutes left in the game, there is no need to risk a “pick 6” (aka a scratch in pool) on first down to let the opponent back in the game. Take the knee and win the game.

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