Central PA’s Pool Leagues

As a reminder, teams that do not forfeit any individual matches during the session but also don’t qualify for postseason will have a chance at one of (2) random drawings for $140.  The reason that PACS does this is because forfeits are frowned upon because they create an unfair playing field for teams that don’t get the benefit of wins by forfeit.  If a team forfeits an excessive amount of matches during the home stretch or especially the last match when it is apparent they won’t make the postseason, the message is clear….”We can’t make the playoffs and we don’t care if it creates an uneven playing field for other teams, we’re forfeiting because we care only about ourselves and not the integrity of the league.” If a team or players feel this way, just understand that its going to be real difficult for me as the league operator to wish you future success in the league if you don’t care about having some integrity.  ( In other words, YOU’LL BE HURTING YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING MONEY IN THE FUTURE IN PACS.)  Do the right thing and have some integrity.  If you cant get some satisfaction by being a spoiler and beating a team that is fighting for a playoff spot, you might not have a pulse.  Thanks for reading.

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