End of session payouts for 8-ball divisions

Since there will be no end of session tournament this session for the 8-ball teams, the tiebreakers listed in this document will be used to determine the division champion for all of the 8 ball divisions. The division champion will be paid the first place money. The rest of the division will be paid in accordance with the teams finishing position and these payouts are shown towards the bottom of the weekly standings documents posted each week. The tiebreakers shown will only be used to determine the division champion. For example, in a division that is paying the top 4 teams, assume that 3 teams finished with the identical win percentage (.550). The 4th place team finished at .535. The team that wins the division based on the tiebreaker criteria will be paid first place money. The 2 remaining .550 teams would split the 2nd and 3rd place money. The team with the .535 win percentage would receive the 4th place money.

For the purposes of the Spring Summer ‘21 session, the “ tiebreakers for teams in different divisions” part of the document are not relevant/applicable.

CLICK HERE for a listing of session tiebreakers.

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