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Bruce Lenker recently shared this video on Facebook and it was too good not to share on here. It explains some of the more common double hit fouls that occur. Since we don’t have the benefit of referees on every shot and it’s an amateur league, players who are skill levels 5 and lower are usually exempt from being called on these double hits provided that they

A) elevate the butt of their cue at least 35 degrees ( no need for protractors…do your best to exceed 35 degrees to eliminate controversy)
B) Use a legal stroke
C) Make an attempt at a legal hit

Note that there are still situations that may occur that would not exempt “5”s and lower from double hits. For example, if the cue ball is very close to a cluster of balls or a cushion and is being hit towards the cluster or cushion, it is very likely that a double hit will occur.

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