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Congratulations to Larrys Boys for winning the PACS 16th Invitational in their first postseason appearance with a dramatic win over Cues And Racks (also their first postseason appearance). Both teams battled hard and it came down to the last match…which went hill-hill before the Muzzinator (Justin Mahaffey) sunk the 8 to take the crown as the PACS 16 Champions of the Universe.


Total team payouts (not including individual awards) for the session were:

Larrys Boys ($2740)
Cues And Racks ($1520)
Chicks #3 ($690)
Aces N Eights ($680)
Scratch This ($680)
Rock Out with Your Chalk Out ($670)
Riverside TOT ($660)
At The Burger ($560)
Styx ($480)
Scared Hitless ($300)
Pour House Elite ($300)
Tubbys Sharpshooters ($260)
Rack Em Up ($240)
Blind Squirrels ($220)
A Few Good Men ($220)
Last Call ($220)
High Top Left ($220)
Rustys Sportsmens ($200)
Dead Strokes ($200)
Hustlers And Babes ($200)
Chicks ($200)
Pub ($180)
Gilligans Castaways ($160)

$11,800 in total. Thanks everyone for making this league fun!!!

Click Here for results of the tournament.

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