Central PA’s Pool Leagues

Please remember that the only time that a player should be getting advice from his team is

A. If an available timeout is called.
B. If that player’s turn has ended.

“B” above is different than in some other leagues that don’t allow any discussion about the game while that player is involved in his/her match.

Any “advice that could be used to help the player win” (whether verbal or through body language) that doesn’t meet the conditions above is prohibited. For example, a player or coach who is clearly eyeballing a specific shot in sight of their own player would be in violation. If you want to eyeball a specific shot, try to do it discreetly so that your player does not see it. “Table hovering” is prohibited as is discussing with a teammate what the player should do so that the player can “overhear” the conversation. Thanks for your cooperation.

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