Central PA’s Pool Leagues

Captains should consult with the opposing captain or “acting captain” before the start of the match to make sure that the most recently posted rosters are accurate and that there have not been any changes. I try to get them updated pretty quickly if I am near my computer, but I’m sometimes not notified in time to make roster changes before the match….or I may just forget altogether. Hopefully not the latter, but mistakes do happen.

Also, captains should keep an eye on and police their own players if they see them doing anything wrong. Some common things that I see in my travels are

– A player gathering balls on the table after making the 8 ball while the cue ball is still rolling
– Players taking too long between shots
– Players taking too long with timeouts
– Not calling an “obvious” kick or bank shot. (All banks or kicks should be called no matter how obvious)
– Not calling the 8 Ball
– Grabbing a ball that was accidentally bumped and returning it to its original position without the opponent’s consent
– A player that is not shooting the match getting involved when they should not be
– People acting like idiots

The last one is a “little bit” tongue in cheek….though not completely untrue.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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