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Effective immediately, forfeits going forward in the regular session will be handled in the following way. The team that is forfeiting will still be responsible to pay the $7 for each individual match that is forfeited, they will receive a loss for that individual match, and they will not be eligible for the random cash drawings at the end of the session. The “beneficiary” of the forfeit will have 2 options. Option 1) Will not get credit for a win or a loss and will not be responsible to pay $7. Option 2) Will receive .7 points (which will almost certainly increase overall winning percentage) and will be responsible to pay $7. Remember, teams are ranked according to winning percentage and not number of wins. Therefore, Team A could have a higher win percentage than (Team B with more wins) if Team A played less matches than Team B. It is extremely unfair for teams to play an entire 16 or 17 week session and not make the postseason because another team by pure random chance and no skill whatsoever received numerous wins by forfeit. We have been fortunate that we do not have very many forfeits because of some safeguards that are in place. This is just one more safeguard to enhance the fairness of the league. Those of you who may have played in other leagues might not like this idea because it is foreign to any other league you have played before. PACS is not striving to emulate other leagues, but to be better. Handling forfeits in this way is unquestionably more fair than gifting a team wins simply for showing up to the match. A full win should only be awarded to a player or team who earned it on the table and not simply for having a heartbeat.

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