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There will be a slight amendment to the “cash out” option for teams that elect to not participate in the Invitational. A couple of players have voiced their concern that many teams may opt for the “cash out” which would greatly reduce the amount of teams playing in the Invitational and also the amount of the cash payouts that will be paid at the Invitational. The intent was that all teams would view this change as a positive, but maybe I fell short. Therefore, the amount that is paid for the “cash out” will depend on the amount of teams that elect this option. Every team has their price where they would rather have the sure thing. (For example, if I offered every team $5000 as their “cash out”, its a pretty safe bet every team would accept my offer). I will want to have some multiple of 4 (so that every board will have 4 teams) as the amount of teams participating in the Invitational. For the upcoming Invitational In February, the number will either be 20 or 24. I’ll make sure that any team(s) that qualify for the invitational will receive some cash (but not necessarily the AVERAGE NET PROFIT amount) if they opt to not participate in the Invitational. This will be discussed at the captains meetings after the current 8 ball sessions in greater detail and to gather player feedback.

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