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A Captain’s meeting will be held on Monday, June 23rd at a location to be determined. There will be two (2) “play-in” matches on that day. The Captain’s meeting will be held at one of these locations, but we will not know where these matches will take place until after next week’s matches.

Topics of discussion will be which teams will be playing next session and what day(s)… Monday or Tuesday?? New roster adds/drops. Possibility of creating 2 divisions on Monday next session. Number of teams from Monday and Tuesday that will qualify for postseason. Next session will likely be a shorter session…probably in the 12-14 week range. Scoresheets…some teams are very lax in this area and need to improve. I will be considering penalty points next session for atrocious score keeping. And of course, we will have open discussion to address any other concerns or recommendations. NOTE: I’m willing to discuss again the “8 on Break” rule as some individuals have said they do not like the current rule. We can put it up for a vote and each team captain ( or representative) will have one vote.

Stay tuned for details next week to determine the location of the Captain’s meeting. And thanks to everyone for making this a fun and successful session. It’s only going to get better!!!

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