Central PA’s Pool Leagues

The Captains Meeting for the upcoming Fall ’15 Session (Solids, Stripes, and Mosconi) will be held at Stoney Creek Inn on Monday 9/21/15 at 6:30 PM where there also is a play-in match between Balls Deep and Dead Strokes being played. I do not have a large agenda of things to discuss…it is more of an opportunity to discuss things as a group. I know many of you have busy schedules, so attendance is not mandatory. I will have highlights of the meeting and any “new business” available to captains in document form.

The random drawings will also be held to see which 2 teams are each winning $300. To be eligible for this drawing, teams must

1. Have NOT qualified for postseason ( play-in matches count as postseason).
2. Have not forfeited any matches during the session
3. Have all dues paid for the session just ended.

The Tuesday “Mosconi” Division will start the Fall ’15 Session on 9/22/15.

The Monday “Solids” and “Stripes” Divisions will start the Fall ’15 Session on 9/28/15.

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