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The Summer ’15 Captain’s Meeting for the Monday Stripes and Solids divisions and the Tuesday division will be held next Monday May, 11 at Kokomos in Lewisberry at 7:00. Any/all dues must be paid by that date. We will have the random drawing at the captain’s meeting to see which of the 12 “non playoff teams” wins $400. To be eligible, all dues must be paid. I will begin creating a schedule on the Tuesday after the captain’s meeting. If there are any MONDAY tams that are not current on dues, I will not include them on my scheduling for next session. Scheduling takes time and once I start to create the schedule, it will be too late for any teams to try to “catch up” on dues at that point. Among the things we will be discussing…We will be voting again on whether or not an “8 on break” should be a win or not. Each team captain will get one vote. The BCA rule book is the most comprehensive billiards rule book in the industry. The BCA rule is that an 8 on the break is not a win. When the 8 is made on the break, the breaker gets the option to either have the 8 ball spotted and continue shooting, or the breaker can choose to have the balls re-racked. Personally, I like the BCA rule, but am not vehemently opposed to the way that we are doing it now. It does not happen often and on the average, it probably reduces the average pool league night by less than a minute. However, it’s not much fun when your opponent has 2 of them in one match against you (such as Ron Straw and Joe Lahr did recently) and you aren’t getting a chance to shoot because of a skill/luck shot by your opponent. Hope to see you there!!

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