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Captains – Please help make sure your team members are aware of this!

All active PACS members who have had at least (1) Break and Run are eligible to participate!
– $100 prize pool plus 100% of attempts purchased
– 1 free attempt, additional attempts can be purchased at $5 each up to your total of Break and Runs
– 2 time slots to choose from:
Round 1 Heat 1 – 7:00-7:45
Round 1 Heat 2 – 7:45-8:30
Round 2 – 8:45
Both tables will be used continuously at Mulligans on Derry!
Single attempt entrants will be played first within the Heat.

Sign up at [email protected] with name, preferred time slot and total number of entries (if any) to purchase.

—Full Contest Rules—

1) Eligibility – PACS Members who are currently on a team roster and have had at least one(1) recorded career PACS Break and Run.

2) 1st Attempt Free – Each entrant will receive one(1) free attempt to break and run. No purchase necessary.

3) Option To Purchase Additional Attempts – Any entrant may purchase additional attempts up to the number of career Break and Runs more than one(1) at a cost of $5 each. Additional attempts must be purchased or committed to prior to the start of the contest.

4) Use of Attempts – Attempts must be used consecutively until they have been used up or the player has successfully break and run out.

5) End Of Attempt – Any miss or foul ends the attempt.

6) Playing Rules – BCAPL playing rules apply. No coaching or time-outs. 8 on the Break and the breaker has option to re-rack or play it out. Close hits will be watched by a referee whenever possible. Breaker has the option to rack their own or allow someone else to rack for them.

7) Advancing To The Next Round – Once a player has successfully break and run out they have advanced to the next round. They will retain any unused attempts they purchased for use in the next round.

8) Cashing Out – Once a player has advanced past the 1st Round they have the option to cash out their share of (Remaining Prize Money / Advancing Players).

9) No Winners – Should no players break and run out, all attempts purchased will be refunded and the original $100 will carry forward to be used in the next similar contest.

PACS Active Career Break and Run List

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