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It pains me that I even have to address this issue, but apparently it needs to be mentioned. Anywhere that PACS plays matches, it is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. Any establishment that allows pool league to play there is doing so to make additional profit. IF THE ADDITIONAL PROFIT IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE AMOUNT TO THAT BUSINESS, THEY WILL NOT LET US CONTINUE TO PLAY THERE. It’s that simple. Simply saying that an establishment makes an extra $50 per night when pool league is there vs. when there is no pool league is not even close to a legitimate argument. So what can you do??? Spend some money and tip your server. I’m not asking anyone to run up a $30+ bar tab. I’m not asking anyone to spend money on alcohol if you don’t drink alcohol. Buy an appetizer or something. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t need to eat to stay alive. Could you eat a baloney sandwich at home for less than an appetizer cost at the bar? Of course. But if everybody eats baloney sandwiches at home and doesn’t spend any money during pool league nights, I can assure you that it won’t be too long until we don’t have anywhere to play and we won’t have a pool league. Regarding tipping, a server makes their living via tips. Maybe the service might not be what you think it should be on a particular night. Many times, this is not because the server is doing anything wrong. Sometimes it is their fault. Maybe they are understaffed. Maybe the cook in the kitchen isn’t pulling their weight thus making the server look bad when he/she brings your order out 40 minutes after you placed your order. Maybe you’ll have to walk 12 paces to the bar to buy your drink. Life’s tough. Even though you might be trying to send a statement to the server that the service was poor, you are also making that server angry. He/she is likely to tell her manager “that pool league sucks and they aren’t tipping me”. Your actions are a reflection on pool league. The point I’m trying to make is that everyone needs to do their part to stay in the establishment’s good graces so that we can continue to have places that are nice enough to let us use their locations. Thanks for letting me vent. Now do your part and spend a little money and tip your servers!

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