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As we enter the final week of the regular session, there are some very tight races as teams are jockeying to try to qualify for the Invitational and/or win their divisions. There are a few key points that I wanted to mention just so we are all on the same page. All of these points are effective immediately.

RECYCLING… Not permitted under any circumstance in the final 2 weeks of the regular session.

QUALIFYING FOR POSTSEASON… Players must play at least 6 matches during the regular session to qualify for postseason play. If a player only has 5 matches going into the last week, it may not be wise to throw that person “blind” in week 14. If the opposing team forfeits a match against that player, that player will not get credit for a match played.

SCORESHEETS… Some teams are habitual offenders in not getting me their scoresheet in time/at all. I have been pretty lenient on this, but if it continues, the offending team(s) will likely suffer some sort of penalty. DO NOT RELY ON THE OPPOSING TEAM TO SUBMIT A SCORESHEET BECAUSE IT’S NOT HAPPENING IN SOME CASES. The stats will not be updated in a timely manner if the scoresheets are not submitted in a timely manner.

SPORTSMANSHIP…. Sportsmanship is very important to the success of the league. If a player displays poor sportsmanship, they risk being banned from the league. Some examples of poor sportsmanship are ( but not limited to) slamming the cue ball onto the table on a foul, throwing your stick on the table, sharking your opponent, purposely tanking game(s)/ match(s), etc. I understand that sometimes people get angry, but players are expected to act like reasonable adults at all times.

CAPTAINSHIP…. If It is determined that a captain is willingly contributing to poor sportsmanship by exhibiting, condoning, promoting poor sportsmanship, or sabotaging his team, that captain may be replaced by another team member and the offending captain may be banned from the league. Furthermore, the captains are responsible for making all team payments in a timely manner. If the league office deems that a captain is too far in arrears in payments of team dues, the captain can be replaced and the captain will not be eligible for any further team or individual winnings.

FORFEITS…. Forfeits are not good for the league and should be avoided at all costs. Some teams are already eliminated from postseason play, but a new session and a new opportunity is just around the corner. Also remember that one of the teams that does not qualify for postseason will be randomly selected to win $400 ( as long as they did not forfeit any matches during the regular session).

PAYMENTS…Some teams are several weeks arrears in payments. All dues for the session must be payed by next week at the latest. Any teams that have scheduled “play-in” matches must have all session dues paid by Saturday 1/10/15. If those teams are not paid in full by 1/10/15, they will not be eligible to play in the play-in match and the next highest seeded team in the division will take their place in the play-in match.

Thanks for your cooperation and good luck as we enter the last week of the session!!

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