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From time to time, I like to post reminders on here of things that players might not be aware of. Here are a few in no particular order.

Jump Shots (not “scoop” shots) are permitted in PACS. However, if the establishment has rules against jump shots, the establishment rules take precedence. Some establishments may have these rules in place to prevent possible damage to the felt on their tables which I fully understand.

“Legal Hits”…Smart phones with slow motion capability are a great tool to use to ascertain whether or not a hit was “good”. Slow motion video will not lie. If using a smart phone to record a hit, the person holding the phone should still watch the hit in real time with their eyes just in case the phone does not record the hit for some reason.

Timeouts are not to exceed 1 minute. Obviously, it is recommended that there is a little bit of forgiveness when timing a timout. A coaches internal clock might not realize that a timeout has gone 1 minute and 15 seconds. However, their internal clock should know when they are at 2 minutes. The best practice is to POLITELY notify the opposing coach if it seems to be happening often. If communicated politely, most coaches will understand and “wrap things up”. Be prepared for the other team to treat you in the same way that they are treated. Using a little tact will go a long way. Timeouts begin when they are called. (Example…If a timeout is called and the coach then discusses strategy with a teammate, then approaches the table do discuss with the shooter, the timeout begins when the discussions began with the teammate who isn’t shooting.)

Players are allowed to discuss strategy with their own team when the opposing player is at the table shooting. (This is a rule difference from some other league(s) in the area.) However, once it is a player’s turn to shoot, discussions with the team about strategy should stop immediately and the player should approach the table.

If a shooter inadvertently disturbs a SINGLE STATIONARY ball, it is not a foul with one very important caveat…. It IS a foul if the shooter then picks up the ball and places it back without the opponent’s permission. If a single stationary ball is accidentally disturbed, the opponent has the option to leave the ball where it ends up, or they can place the ball back in it’s original position.

There are many gray areas regarding some of the rules. Without having a referee at every match, players / teams have to work together and strike a balance of following the rules, enforcing the rules, and not being a j%^@Ka$$ about enforcement of the rules. I know things get heated sometimes as people’s competitive juices get flowing. Everybody has probably “lost their cool” at some point during a match. Some of us, more than others. In these unfortunate instances, apologizing to your opponent for your behavior will go a long way towards earning their respect and will likely reduce future problems with that player / team in the future. Remember, this is supposed to be fun. If you are shooting in a pool league as a way to provide money for your family, you are not shooting for the right reason.

Finally, show some appreciation to the establishments that you shoot. Buy an appetizer, or a few drinks. They aren’t in business to let pool players fill their seats and not spend any money. They aren’t that desperate for your attention. Be courteous to patrons. Remember, you are a reflection of pool league. If the establishment starts to have a stigma against pool league, it probably won’t be long before they don’t allow pool league matches in their establishment.

Thanks for reading. Please share this with your teammates.

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