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Next 9 Ball session, PACS will be moving to a handicap system with steps of .5 (instead of a full point which we are currently using for 9 ball) and will be adopting the max 26.0 (instead of the current 25) rule. This will accomplish several things.

A. It will provide more transparency for the handicapping system since for example, all “4”s are not equal to all other “4”s.  This will also provide a “happy place” for the players who seem to be stuck between 2 handicaps…i.e the player who kills it as a 3 but struggles mightily as a 4.
B. The “26.0” rule will provide a bit of cushion for teams that may get  adversely affected by having multiple players move up .5 HC.
C. It will more closely resemble the recent changes that were made in 8 Ball regarding handicaps and the move to the 26.0 rule.

Here is a sneak peek of what the new handicapping grid will look like…..

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